Orlando Pesach Delivery Service




The pickup dates in Orlando are Thursday, April 18th, Friday, April 19th and Sunday, April 21st.

We will be delivering to one central location in Orlando, which is located at 2540 Shader Road, Orlando, FL 32804.

 If you will not be in Orlando by Sunday, April 21st, or if you will be arriving at the pickup location Sunday after 5 pm, we will not be able to hold your boxes for you.

 To ensure that you have an optimal shopping experience, checkout will be done in-store by appointment only. There are a limited number of appointments available. Appointments are available between Sunday, March 31st and, Wednesday, April 10th and must be booked online. When selecting an appointment time, please keep in mind that the time you select is the time to check out at the register. You may come in as early as you want prior to your scheduled appointment time.

 Please note, when selecting an appointment time, please select the date that corresponds to your intended pickup day: Thursday, April 18th, Friday, April 19th, or Sunday, April 21st.

 Please make sure the phone number entered on your appointment form is one where we can contact you in Orlando.

 The delivery charge is $25 per box of items purchased at Moisha’s Supermarket. For items not purchased at Moisha’s Supermarket the charge is $35 per box. Please note that everything must be packed in Moisha’s boxes as the pallets have to be uniform to ensure that they do not topple over.

 If you plan on shipping items that were not purchased at Moisha’s, please be sure to have the boxes with you at your scheduled appointment time. To pick up Moisha’s boxes in advance of your appointment, please feel free to stop by the store anytime during our operational hours.

 When you are checking out at the register, we will provide you with refrigerator and freezer labels. Please make sure that any box you want us to deep freeze has a freezer label and any box you want refrigerated has a refrigerator label. Please be mindful that items like chocolates and other items that you might not generally refrigerate may melt upon arrival in Orlando, and as such, should be placed in boxes marked refrigerator.

 All fragile items (i.e. eggs, matzo), as well as any items not purchased by Moisha’s Supermarket, will be delivered at your own risk. We will try to pack everything as best as possible, but we cannot ensure that they won’t break while being shipped. Please bear in mind that some produce items have a short shelf life, and that since the last date for shopping is Wednesday, April 10th, some produce items will be spoiled by the time we deliver. We would advise purchasing your perishable produce in Orlando.

 We will only be shipping for those who sign up. If you have not yet signed up or know of anyone who plans on shipping with us and has not signed up, please have them contact us.

There is a minimum order total of $500 excluding delivery charge.

 A $100 non-refundable deposit will be charged at signup, which will be applied towards your grocery purchases or delivery charge

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