We at Moisha’s Supermarket have always taken great pride in bringing quality groceries at affordable prices. From when we were founded as a small corner Grocery Store in 1995; our mission statement has been to pass the savings on to the consumer. From our constantly changing weekly sales, to our everyday low prices, we constantly strive to stay true to our mission.

With the support of our loyal customers, we expanded and grew to the size we are today. We have added a great deal of services, all while keeping the same low prices. From vastly expanding our delivery service, to offering same day online orders, we have created a convenient experience of grocery shopping delivered straight to your door.


Treat your palate with fresh, exquisite and unique items from our Takeout, headed by our Executive Chef Yitzchok Roth. Yitzchok is a culinary arts expert with a strong background in Jewish cuisine. His longtime experience as a chef at some of the most premier kosher steakhouses, has uniquely crafted his ability to consistently deliver quality dishes using fresh locally sourced ingredients.

For comments, questions, or custom orders, Yitzchok can be reached at 718-336-7563 ext. 210


Trained in the highest quality custom cuts, our meat specialists Chaim and Shia hold themselves to a high standard. With a combined twenty years of experience, they have the unique understanding and skills to educate the consumer on various cuts and cooking techniques. They take pride in offering a wide variety of premium, organic, natural, and hormone free meats and poultry. Standout cuts include, certified Wagyu and Black Angus.

For comments, questions, or custom orders, Chaim and Shia can be contacted at 718-336-7563 ext. 230


Let your senses run wild when you explore the many artisanal fresh baked goods from our bakery.  Our bakery is masterfully run by Avi King. Avi, a pastry connoisseur with twenty five years of experience in the industry, continues to transform our bakery by crafting artisanal high-quality baked goods using both new and traditional methods.

For comments, questions, or custom orders, Avi can be contacted at 718-336-7563 ext. 208


Discover our exquisite Sushi Bar, run by Chef David Chen. David, an expertly skilled sushi chef with twelve years of experience, acquired his knowledge of the art, while working as a Sous Chef in a sushi restaurant in Tokyo. His passion for personally sourcing fresh, high quality fish reflects in his ability to effortlessly produce masterfully crafted sushi.

For comments, questions, or custom orders, David can be reached at 718-336-7563 ext. 209


Specializing in the finest quality of fish, fishmongers Mitch and Marcello hand select every fish to ensure it meets their high standards. Their perfectly set showcase reflects the rigorous inspection process they developed to certify that each and every item they display is top of the line. With a combined thirty years of experience in the seafood industry, they cheerfully assist consumers by aiding them with their selection, informing them about the fresh catch of the day and providing preparation instructions.

For comments, questions or custom orders, Mitch and Marcello can be reached at 718-336-7563 ext. 212